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About Andrew

Hey guys, Andrew here!

I started this site because I know the frustration of needing a website for ministry and not being able to pay a ton of money for something quality, but also not having the ‘know how’ to make a great site for myself. Just a few years ago I was at the mercy of both my own limitations and paying a designer a lot to build and host a site that, hey, I still had to maintain anyway. I began playing around with WordPress when I came on staff at a church that was using it, but way ‘under using’ it.

One thing about my personality is that I pursue excellence, no matter how many hours I have to put in, no matter how many youtube vids I have to watch, and no matter how many Google searches I have to wade through. And because I wanted our church to have an awesome website I took a self taught crash course in building and customizing WordPress sites specific to ministries and churches needs.

By necessity I felt my way around, made a lot of mistakes, broke our site more than a few times, fixed it all those times too thank God, learned a ton, and eventually came out on top as a confident WordPress-er, if that’s a word. WP for Church is basically a bunch of lessons learned through the process not just of revamping our church’s website, but also changing my own personal ministry’s website to the WordPress platform, and also launching a design company that specializes not just in ministry site design on a reasonable budget but also graphic design and branding, for those of you that might need some extra help!

My desire is that this site effectively equips and resources you to build and maintain your Church’s or Ministry’s¬†Wordpress site, and not just that you would have one, but that through the materials here and coming that it would be awesome!

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