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Free Social Media Cover Photo Templates

Free Social Media Cover Photo Templates

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We shouldn’t just seek continuity across our site, but across all the platforms that our church or nonprofit uses. Having a facebook page or twitter profile without a good cover photo (or *gasp* with no cover photo) is like having a church or office space with a crappy sign. It doesn’t make people want to visit or come inside. And having different photos (or the same photo that doesn’t fit on every platform) is almost like presenting a different brand across all your social media.

Cover photos present a great opportunity to communicate mission/values, a current campaign, your latest preaching series, or an upcoming event that you get to promote for free to everyone that visits your page.

Where it gets tricky is that even though we want excellence in what we present, not all of us are great with graphics.  We either have to flop around trying to design a professional-ish looking cover photo for each social network, get a more design-savvy volunteer or staff member to do it for us, or outsource the work to a pro.

And considering social media cover photos are likely something you’ll want to update regularly to align with new campaigns, new series, new events and so on, cover photo design can be an ongoing process (and an expensive one if we are outsourcing) — not to mention how frequently social networks redesign their layouts, eventually affecting cover photo sizes by cropping, moving, expanding, shrinking, and just plain messing up our existing design!

Side note: no matter how small you are, someone in your organization LOVES working with social media stuff and has the know how (or can get the know how) on maintaining these things. We just have to lead in a way to discover that person and empower them with our vision.

The Solution? These Free Templates

Note: These sizes are current as of Dec 2014 leading into the new year.

I want to give a few ‘pointers’ on each cover photo that will help you maximize the space. On top of everything, strive for continuity across every platform. It doesn’t mean everything needs to be cookie cutter and the same, but it does mean that I should be able to look at every platform and see that they go together.

Facebook: Stick to the right side to communicate your message. The profile picture and the company name/category are on the left side, so to bring balance to the overall cover area it’s best to move you commo materials to the other side.

Also, make sure on the guide you see the little boxes on the bottom right and stay above them. I would try and line up whatever text I had on that side with these boxes to create a symmetry with the cover area.

Twitter: On the guide try and communicate in center and right. Twitter has a very large an uninhibited area cover photo area, so I try to use pictures of our gatherings and/or people in communication on twitter as it connects immediately with people. I use minimal wording here and focus on the picture itself.

LinkedIn: Linked in is the least amount of space you will have, and it also reaches a different audience than any of your other platforms. If you’re org is on LinkedIn you’re probably a nonprofit reaching clients/members or a church who also is reaching business people in your region.

This is not a great platform to communicate using a picture as a cover photo, as most of it will be obstructed. It’s all about words on this photo. This is a great place to lay your vision/mission statement or your values over a blurred image.

YouTube: On the guide you’ll notice a light red middle section. This is the ‘safe area.’ Make sure everything you want to communicate goes in this area. It will ensure that all across any Google/YouTube platform what you are wanting to communicate is front and center.

Make sure you use a large picture for the background that covers the entire cover photo area. It doesn’t need to communicate anything, but it should draw in the viewer towards the content at the center.

Download your free Cover Photo guides HERE! Please share this free resource!

Paste your profiles in the comments so we can see your cover photos!

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Andrew serves as the lead pastor of Summit Church in Atlanta, GA . In addition to pastor stuff he travels teaching leadership, preaching in cool places, and blogging in a few different places.

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Andrew Peters

Andrew serves as the lead pastor of Summit Church in Atlanta, GA . In addition to pastor stuff he travels teaching leadership, preaching in cool places, and blogging in a few different places.

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