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Why WordPress? 4 Reasons…

Why WordPress? 4 Reasons…

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I was reading a blog from about recommendations for companies that build and host your church website and the first comment I came across was ‘we use WordPress,’ which launched other commentors into a great discussion on how if you have someone on your team that is just a little tech savvy (or someone just willing to read our blogs and watch a little youtube) you can have your own awesome ministry site.

In fact, that string of comments is one reason I was inspired to begin WordPress for Church, because even though there are some great companies that can build and host your site for a price there are surprisingly few sites that help churches and ministries start their own WordPress sites. 

Future writings will get into the ‘how’ of WordPress, but I want to give you just 4 reasons on why you should go with WordPress! 

1. Platform Reliability

WordPress is the MOST utilized platform to build your site. Millions of other people and thousands of churches are using WordPress with great success. WordPress is a reliable platform on which you can build your own fully customizable church site. 

2. Price Point

My ministry, early on, paid a design company 1,200 just for a base template and then payed 50 a month for the company to host our ministry site…that I still had to update and maintain. Not to mention if you wanted content added there was a fee. If you wanted a store built in, another 700. 

Now my ministry, pays roughly $5 a month for hosting through Bluehost, and the only things I ever have to pay for outside of hosting are any premium plugins I choose to use. The premium plugins and premium theme I used to build my site, and other sites I build, add up to around $150-250. 

So that means for the first year of operating my site it costs me roughly $320 and only $72 a year after that for hosting. For my other site that I used a company to host and build it cost me $2300 for the first year plus at least $600 a year after that for hosting, and honestly, that is the low end for a good site. Now…for a church site that you have to maintain anyway, which sounds like the better option? I still design sites for churches, but I require them to have their own hosting and train them on the site so it saves them a ton of money over the course of a few years. That way there’s just a one time design fee and then the really small hosting fee through Bluehost.

3. Customizability

Let me tell you a secret. The site you start with will not be the site you want in six months. When I bought my ministry site it was AWESOME and I loved it…but a few months later there were a bunch of little things that I wanted to tweak, only I didn’t have access or ‘know how’ on their system to change anything. I wanted a bigger banner. I wanted to tweak some colors. I wanted a parallax background, but since I went through a designer I couldn’t change any of that without paying an hourly fee of like $50 an hour, which in design world is still reasonable. 

When I designed my WordPress church site the same thing happened, only this time I was the one that made it so I was the one that could change it and make it look like I wanted! Designing your own site for your church allows you complete control over what it looks like and finally lets you change things as you see fit and to not be on your designer’s time table. 

4. Ease of Use

One of the reasons that WordPress is such a highly used platform is because of its ease of use and the plethora of tutorials available to help you navigate your way to the perfect site for your church or ministry. 

I didn’t go to school to learn how to use WordPress. I watched some youtube videos, read some forums, and did a little research. That research now saves me over $500 a year on maintaining my website. 

I know this is the first post but we have a LOT of upcoming posts to help you get on your way to making an awesome site for your church or making the site you already have even better! 

Are you already using WordPress? Let me know in the comments below. Were you using another designer and host before you made the switch? What prompted you making the switch? 

About Andrew Peters

Andrew serves as the lead pastor of Summit Church in Atlanta, GA . In addition to pastor stuff he travels teaching leadership, preaching in cool places, and blogging in a few different places.

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About The Author

Andrew Peters

Andrew serves as the lead pastor of Summit Church in Atlanta, GA . In addition to pastor stuff he travels teaching leadership, preaching in cool places, and blogging in a few different places.

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  • Great post! Just curious, are you referencing to a or site?

    • Hey Matt. Technically we’d be a site since WordPress doesn’t host our site, Bluehost does.

    • sites are hosted by wordpress whereas the org are hosted by a third party host. The .com is a very limited platform as far as what you can do. For most of the stuff we’ll get into on this blog it would need to be hosted somewhere else. :) Let me know if you are in that boat and want to make the switch from a .com to a .org with wordpress.

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